A project to enhance printed photography

The handcrafted photo albums made in the 5punto6 laboratory are unique objects that are created to be displayed and enhance the images they contain, in which the photography continues to be printed and glued as it once was.

5punto6 was born in 2001 from an idea by Paola Ravetta and Pietro Bertora. Our goal was to create objects that could contain images and be displayed, going beyond the concept of the photo album as an object to be archived. We wanted to create a completely artisanal product, in which every detail shows the hand of the person who worked it.

We decided to go against the current right in the period in which digital was starting to take hold and the first photo books were released. We made the bold choice to focus on printed and glued photography precisely when this way of conceiving images was losing its central role, recovering the value of photography as a valuable object.


We have started to create special photo albums that go beyond the classic concept of a bound album: albums for weddings, holidays or communions become an object to be displayed, where the photograph continues to be printed and glued. We decided to innovate the container but enhance the classic content.

It was in 2001 that, with our first model “Yes I do”, a plexiglass box with loose cards inside, we were published in an Italian design yearbook and so we realized we had had a good idea. Since then we have moved forward designing steel binders with maxi-rings, multi-lined colored plexiglass boxes, creations in wood and leather, rotating photo albums. We have combined different materials always trying to create unique and original objects, with a paper support inside on which to apply images.


Even today that our photo albums can be purchased online on our store, we continue to believe in the beauty and elegance of this concept: the album as a furnishing and design object. We remain faithful to what we have always done and have never succumbed to the lure of the photo book, remaining a completely artisanal reality, where every object that is produced and sold online in our shop is unique.


We proudly present ourselves as an artisan laboratory that acts as an ambassador of Italian excellence: we at 5punto6 continue to focus on workmanship carried out with skill and a meticulous choice of the best materials. We not only want to create beautiful photo albums but also artistic, original and therefore precious ones. Their value lies in the manual workmanship that leaves nothing to chance and in the uniqueness of each single piece, which is born as a treasure chest in which to keep the images and make them part of the design of your interiors. Memories to live every day, tastefully integrated into the style of domestic spaces.