Precious textures in your hands

Our craftsmanship starts from the choice of precious materials, because we know that the enchantment of a handmade object is given by a mix of different sensorial sensations: beauty is not only that perceived by the gaze but also that which strikes us through other senses. When you browse one of our handcrafted photo albums you can feel the texture of quality fabrics, leathers and woods between your fingers and know that you have something special in your hands.

For our wooden photo albums we only use 100% solid wood essences of walnut, oak and maple. The metal elements are made of top quality stainless steel, as eternal as the memories it is destined to preserve, combined with plexiglas or perspex depending on the workmanship. For the leather we choose thick halfgrain leather with a homogeneous natural grain that is very pleasant to the touch, as well as fine cashmere, linens and velvets of Italian production.