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handmade photo albums

The design to cherish your memories

handcrafted photo albums

From handmade album to furnishing object

Everything comes from photography understood as vision, space, geometric shape. A photograph to be looked at and enhanced with a support suited to its importance, which almost becomes an extension of the image itself. Our particular photo albums come to life from a concept that overturns the classic idea of the photo album conceived as an object to be browsed. Going beyond the idea of the photobook, the 5punto6 handmade photo albums are instead designed to be displayed, experienced, consulted, becoming real furnishing objects themselves.

featured products

Unique handmade objects

craftsmanship and precious materials

The value of Italian artistic craftsmanship

The innovative design of each of our handcrafted photo albums makes it inimitable and precious: wooden and metal albums, steel and leather binders with rings, roll photo albums with cards in different materials, plexiglass or wooden boxes with fine finishes. We create ever new combinations of shapes, materials and colors to create designer photo albums that acquire the value of true artistic objects.

personalized photo albums

As unique as your memories

Display your photographs in an original way, printing them and pasting them into a design support capableof truly enhancing the images it contains. We create handcrafted photo albums for weddings and ceremonies by combining different materials such as wood, leather, plexiglass, fine fabrics and different types of paper. Choose the shape and material you prefer and our craftsmen will bring your personalized photo album to life.

The value of each 5punto6 album lies in its uniqueness. In addition to the elegance and class of a product handmade with care and passion without leaving out any detail, you also have the originality of a real design object, designed to furnish your home and beyond: personalize them and use them as you want to create your tailor-made project, for example to collect your restaurant menu, customer comments about your business or your product catalogue.